Sacral Chakra and Honey – Ep. 53

This episode is a Hot Boi!
After recording three specials in a row, the witches are back with some magical topics! Macy treats us to the penultimate Chakra in the series, the Sacral, or Svadhishthana. Charlye goes with seasonal delight, with a lesson in Honey. 

Join us for witchy vacations, making a WBAH language, and Charlye getting “It’s Been”-d more times than you can shake a stick at.

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Things we talked about this episode:
Pagan Pop Up. Vol. 2 – Where we will be recording a Live Ep. and have some wares for sale!

Operation Honeybee Charity Fundraiser

Pollinator Bee Info

How To Make A Honey Jar For Love

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